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The Pelham Planning Board is an elected body which is authorized by New Hampshire statutes to perform a variety of functions. A majority of the Board’s bimonthly meetings are concerned with reviewing residential subdivision applications and business/commercial/industrial site plan applications to ensure compliance with local and State Ordinances and Regulations.

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Meeting minutes for the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Adjustment and Conservation Commission are kept in accordance with RSA 91-A:4 and RSA 676:3.  This page serves as a reference for "Approved Meeting Minutes" i.e. reviewed for accuracy and approved by majority vote of at least 3 board members who attended that date specific meeting.  For more timely information on a specific issue, please refer to the Planning Department.  Preliminary (unapproved and subject to change) meeting minutes are available 5 business days after a meeting at the Planning Department.






Notice is hereby given in accordance with RSA 675:3-7, the Pelham Planning Board will hold a public hearing to discuss a zoning amendment which may be proposed at a Special Town Meeting, the date of which will be set by the Pelham Board of Selectmen.  This Planning Board public hearing shall take place on May 22, 2017 at 7:00 pm at the Pelham Municipal Center, 6 Village Green, Pelham, New Hampshire.  The proposed amendment is described as follows:

  1. DRAFT changes to the Pelham Zoning Ordinance, Article IX Senior and Elderly Housing;
    1. Eliminates provisions allowing 55+ housing but preserves 62+ Elderly housing, Assisted Living and Congregate Care developments;
    2. increases required land area from 10,000 to 15,000 sq. ft. of usable land per unit;
    3. increases buffers to abutting properties from 50 to 100 feet with discretion given to the Planning Board to require additional buffering;
    4. requires all units to be fully ADA compliant;
    5. requires a club house for stand-alone and duplex Elderly Housing developments.
    6. the areas affected by this proposed zoning amendment are the (R) Residential district, (RU) Rural district, (B 1-4) Business districts 1-4, (B-5) Business district 5, and possibly the (MUZD) Mixed-Use Zoning district.

The full text of this proposed amendment is available from the Planning Department at (the Pelham Municipal Center) Town Hall, 6 Village Green during normal business hours and from the Town of Pelham website at CLICK HERE on the Planning Department page.


POSTED 5/4/17 @ 11:30AM in the following locations:


Outside of Town Hall

Outside of Town Library

Planning Department Website

Planning Board Website



Tax Map Revision fees are now $60 per Lot for Subdivision and Lot Line Adjustment applications.


Board Members

Name Title
Peter McNamara Chair - Term Expires 2019
Roger Montbleau Vice-Chair - Term Expires 2018
Paul Dadak Secretary - Term Expires 2020
Timothy Doherty Member - Term Expires 2019
Joseph Passamonte Member - Term Expires 2018
Paddy Culbert Alternate - Term Expires 2019
Mike Sherman Alternate - Term Expires 2018
Richard Olsen Alternate - Term Expires 2019
Jeff Gowan Planning Director (Permanent Position)
Charity Landry Recording Secretary (Permanent Position)
James Bergeron Memeber - Term Expires 2020