Highway Safety Committee

The Pelham Highway Safety Committee (HSC) is an advisory committee composed of the Pelham Police Chief, Fire Chief, Road Agent and Planning Director.  The Police Chief serves as the Chair and the Planning Director serves as HSC Secretary. A recording secretary takes minutes which are posted on this page once finished, along with agendas and any written opinions provided by the HSC. Other Town staff are asked to join in meetings as needed, often including the Assessor, Pelham inspectors and our consulting engineer.  The advisory opinions reached by the HSC are primarily for consideration by the Board of Selectmen for issues related to transportation and related public safety issues or for the Planning Board regarding development project road layout, road names and other traffic safety related issues that arise during Planning Board processes. Engineers representing land use board projects regularly attend to present road layouts and to answer questions raised by HSC members or other attendees.


All HSC meetings are open to the public and are typically held in either the Police Community Conference room or in the Fire Department conference room depending on availability of those spaces.  HSC meetings are scheduled as needed and do not follow a specific calendar of meetings. 


For answers to questions regarding HSC meeting dates, agendas, etc. please contact the Planning Director at 603-635-7811. 

Old Gage Hill Road- Map 18 Lot 12-16 Opinion9-23-19 HSC opinion to BOS on extension of March Road sidewalk
Williams Woods 4 lot subdivision near Mammoth-Marsh intersection Opinion9-23-19 HSC opinion to BOS on acceptance of Garland Woods roads
11-21-19 HSC opinion to the Planning Board in re the Fineman - Currier Road proposed subdivision9-23-19 HSC opinion to BOS on citizen request for a streetlight
9-23-19 HSC opinion to BOS on citizen request for Horse Crossing sign9-23-19 HSC opinion to Jeanne Warren or herberts office in re road name review
6-21-19 HSC opinion to BOS regarding NHDOT correspondance in re Main Street crosswalks6-21-19 HSC opinion to BOS signage request on Spaulding Hill Road
1-23-20 HSC opinion to the Planning Board in re the Fineman - Currier Road proposed subdivision 3