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This is a gentle reminder that applications for credits & exemptions must be into the Assessing Department no later than APRIL 15 using form PA-29.  The PA-29 is available online here to the left or in the forms section; and also in the Assessing Office. With the application please attach a copy of the invoice showing number of panels, kilowatts and total cost. Please contact the Assessing Department with any questions. 

Folks who installed solar panels in 2023 or will do so before April 1, 2024, if you wish to have the assessed value exempted this year you must have the PA 29 and invoice copy into this office by April 15, 2024.

Our 2023 tax rate is: $18.19
Town Rate:               $   5.43
School Rate:            $  10.40
County Rate:            $   0.97
State Education:       $  1.39

Our Equalization Ratio for 2023 is 84.3%. This means over all assessed values in Town are 15.7 % below fair market value for April 1 2023.

The change in your final 2023 tax bill is for all of 2023. Your tax bill for July 2024 (barring any building permits) should be one half of the total tax bill for 2023.  If you have questions on understanding your bill please call this office 603-635-3317 or the Tax Collector's Office at 603-635-2040 for clarification. Questions regarding setting of the tax rate should be directed to the Board of Selectmen's Office.

2023 values are in the ONLINE DATA BASE to the left.  2021 was our recertification year from the Department of Revenue Administration (DRA).  If you have any questions about the revaluation/recertification process please contact the Assessing Department between the hours of 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday.  If you believe your assessed value to be wrong- data error or proportionally higher/lower than similar properties- please file an abatement no later than March 1, 2024. The application must be delivered via mail or hand delivered. We cannot accept email applications.

Please note to the left is a BTLA decision regarding the assessment of Solar Arrays/Panels in New Hampshire. We are now valuing Solar Arrays/Panels and adding to property assessments. You will see that in your assessed value.   

Please do not hesitate to contact the Assessor’s Department at 603-635-3317 with any questions or concerns.

Functions Performed by the Assessing Department

  • Valuate all property in Town as of 1 April of the current tax year - including new subdivisions and all new construction or improvements
  • Maintain property values in accordance with NH Assessing Standards Board
  • Inspect real property on a cyclical basis to conform to 5 year certification by NH DRA
  • Process transfer of ownership
  • Process all exemption applications (Elderly, Veteran's, Wood Heat, Solar, Blind, Elderly/Disabled deferral)
  • Process abatement applications
  • Process Intent to Cut or Excavate
  • Bi-annual tax warrants
  • Process current use applications or land use change tax
  • Defend Board of Tax and Land Appeals cases
  • Assign new house numbers and notify Verizon 911, Police and Fire Departments, and Post Office
  • Process yearly tax exempt applications
  • Process and maintain tax map updates
  • Maintain property sales books
  • Maintain MS-1 Report to set tax rate (due September 1, each year)
  • Maintain Sales Ratio study for the state (due November 15 each year)

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Susan Snide 6036353317