Joint Loss Management Committee


Every employee has the right to a workplace free from occupational safety and health hazards.  A Joint Loss Management Program is designed to prevent accidents and illnesses, and is established jointly between employees and management.  Unsafe acts, unsafe conditions and accidents all demonstrate a weakness in the management system.  This program provides the framework for safety to be managed like any other function through planning, organization, leadership and control.  It is an established fact that a well-trained, well- disciplined and well-supervised employee in a safe and healthful environment is less likely to have an accident.

The purpose of the Joint Loss Management Committee is to bring workers and management together in a cooperative effort to promote workplace safety.  The Committee shall meet regularly to develop and carry out workplace safety programs, alternative work programs that allow and encourage injured employees to return to work, and programs for continuing education of employees on the subject of workplace safety.  The Committee shall develop a written safety program for submittal to the New Hampshire Department of Labor.

The Committee shall consist of no less than six (6) members.  The Town Administrator, the Police Chief, and the Fire Chief shall be permanent members and shall represent the employer. Non-supervisory employee representatives from the Police Department, the Fire Department and Highway Department shall represent the employees.  Other members may be invited to participate from the Collective Bargaining Unions as well as any other member of a town sanctioned committee or employee that oversees or utilizes any town property such as the Recreation Committee or the building and maintenance supervisor.

Employee representatives shall be chosen at the first meeting of the calendar year.  The Committee shall elect a Chairman and Secretary and these positions will be rotated between employee and employer representatives on an annual basis.

The Committee shall meet at least quarterly, four (4) times per calendar year, on a date and a time and location to be determined by the Committee.