Health Department

The Health Department/Health Officer has a significant role in ensuring effective local and regional public health systems and are responsible for three critical functions.
•    Enforcing applicable New Hampshire laws and administrative rules (i.e. regulations), as well as local ordinances and regulations enacted by communities;
•    Serving as liaisons between state officials, local elected officials, and residents for local public health issues; and,
•    Leading and actively participating in efforts to develop regional public health capacities.

The Deputy Health Officer assists with the above and also has the additional responsibility of the following: 
•    Health ordinances
•    Witnessing of soil testing
•    Sewage disposal system design, installation and applications
•    Daycare & foster home inspections (done by appointment only)
Please call the Deputy Health Officer, Paul Zarnowski.

Mosquito spraying is done by Municipal Pest Management Services, Inc. Please call 603-431-0008 if you would like any information regarding areas treated, etc.


Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Karen McGlynn Health Officer (603) 635-8233
Paul Zarnowski Deputy Health Officer (603) 635-8233