Pelham Cable/Pelham Community Television (PTV) provides Public, Educational and Government programming on its three channels, Channel 22 (Public) Channel 20 (Education) and Channel 21 (Government).

Staff includes; James Greenwood, Full-time Cable Coordinator, Linda Doherty, Part-time Assistant to the Coordinator, and several Part-Time technicians to broadcast Public, Government and School District related meetings and functions.

PTV is run by the Cable Television Department of the Town of Pelham under the authority of the Board of Selectmen which is the Franchising Authority.

PTV is funded by 50% of the Franchise Fees, which are equal to 5% of Comcast Communication's gross annual revenue in the Town of Pelham. The cable TV subscribers in Pelham subsequently pay these fees. The amount subscribers pay is noted on the monthly Comcast billings under "local fees". The remaining 50% of the Franchise fees are added to the General fund to offset taxes.

Pelham residents may use the equipment to produce programming seen on PTV and/or the facilities of PTV to get their programs broadcast. This usage is free of charge and on a first come first served basis. Training to use PTV equipment and/or learn to submit programming content is available by appointment.

PTV has a limited Budget to produce programming but is able provide coverage for the following from within its budget:

  • Selectmen meetings
  • School Board meetings
  • Budget Committee meetings
  • Planning Board meetings
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment meetings
  • Conservation Commission meetings
  • School and Town Deliberative Sessions
  • School Graduations/Promotions
  • PHS Academic Awards
  • School Holiday and Spring Concerts
  • Old Home Day
  • Yule Tide Celebration
  • Horrible’s Parades
  • Sherburne Hall Production Support

Additional Programming is provided by volunteers who edit their own programs for playback.

All three PTV channels have their own individual Bulletin Boards, any Pelham resident can utilize the Bulletin System announce town events. The PTV Bulletin Board System is not intended for commercial advertizing which is prohibited.

You may submit your own Television formatted (landscape) images or send text in electronic form and we can create a slide for you. We can also convert your PowerPoint slides.