Top 10 Reasons

As if the charm and character of Pelham aren’t enough to lure you in, there are many more reasons to choose Pelham as the next home for your business.
1. Central Location

Pelham NH is just minutes from route 3, Interstates 93 and 495 and close to major Airports. *All distances measured from Town Hall.



2. Affordability
Pelham’s affordable prices mean a lower cost of doing business, and NH’s lack of sales tax draws additional consumers over the Massachusetts border.
3. “Pro-Business” Attitude
Doing business in Pelham is easy. The PEDC is committed to making your transition to Pelham as smooth as possible.
4. Our People
Our growing population of educated and affluent citizens provide a skilled workforce and superior consumer base all in one.
5. Accessibility & Infrastructure
Pelham’s access to major transportation hubs and minimal road restrictions for larger trucks makes for easy transport of goods and materials in and out of town. Our fully developed communications infrastructures provide your business with the services necessary for today’s tech-heavy business climate.
6. Development Opportunities
Pelham NH still has many acres of quality land available for commercial and residential development.
7. Innovation

In addition to the many pioneering companies in Pelham, our location on the NH/MA border is close to major centers of innovation including education, healthcare, technology, and biotech.

8. Quality of Life
Our quiet suburban neighborhoods offer a variety of selection in housing stock, and are home to a vibrant, active community with a low crime rate. All this, combined with our lower cost of living make Pelham an excellent place to live, and great way to reach very desirable consumer and workforce demographics.
9. Growth
Pelham has experienced steady and measured growth since 1950. Choosing Pelham NH will help you take advantage of this growing audience of consumers and expanding workforce.
*Source: LQ, State Rankings 2005-2009
10. ‘Live Free or Die’ Benefits
NH has been chosen as the “Most Livable State in the US” for the last five consecutive years*. Located on the NH/MA border, Pelham is an easy and frequent stop for MA residents and business owners, yet it offers all the benefits of a NH community. By choosing Pelham NH for your business, you can be open to the large markets in MA, while enjoying the benefits of the ‘live free or die’ state.
*Source: CQ Press, State Rankings 2005-2009.