Disposal of Unusual Items

Clothing and Textiles- Clothing, textiles are accepted and must be clean and bagged and then placed in designated container located on recycling side.

Book Bin - New or gently used books.  (No magazines or school text books).

Scrap Metal- All scrap metal shall be placed in designated area.  An effort to remove as much plastic, rubber or wood from metal must be made.  All barrels, drums, etc. must have one end cut out or cut in half. Junk cars or large car parts are not accepted. (Picking of light iron is not allowed) 

Appliances/ White Goods- Refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, dehumidifiers, water coolers or any Freon containing appliance:  A $20 fee by check, made payable to the Town of Pelham, will be required for disposal.  Any unit listed above without a compressor must pay a $20 fee & PAPERWORK FILLED OUT of where you had Freon removed also, as all units must be certified by a licensed contractor.  (Federal law)

Brush –  Brush only--No mixed loads--nothing over 5” in diameter.  No stumps or other wood accepted.  No leaves or grass accepted.  (State Law) Brush is only accepted the last full week of the month which must include a Saturday.

Medical Sharps – Medical sharps accepted: Must be placed in a thick walled, sturdy plastic container with a tight fitting screw cap, such as a detergent bottle. Label the container with the words, “Medical Sharps Container. Not for recycling.” Seal the container with heavy duty tape. See attendant for disposal.

Construction / Demolition - Construction/Demolition material Not accepted.  C & D can be brought to Lowell Road Wood Processing in Salem, N.H. 898-4089 for a fee.  Also containers can be rented from your local trash hauler for disposal.

Instructions for LATEX PAINT Disposal - All paints that can be cleaned up with soap and water are latex.  NO WET PAINT.  For small quantities of paint, add kitty litter or sawdust to the can and leave open until completely dry.  For large quantities, use several sturdy plastic trash bags and alternate paint, kitty litter, sawdust or shredded newspaper and let stand until “crunchy” dry.  Seal and dispose of with regular trash.  (All other paints, sealers, stains, etc. to House Hold Waste collection in Nashua) click here or see an attendant for a copy of the dates.

Large furniture -- such as couches,Table & Chairs, bureau sets, Entertainment Centers, Kids Plastic toys (slides, huts, remote cars, etc,), porcelain toilets, sinks, room 8 X 10 of carpeting will be accepted at the Transfer Station for a $30.00 fee each.

Small Furniture--- Recliners, 4 Kitchen Chairs, Nightstands $ 20.00 Fee each

Mattresses/Box Springs ---- $ 50.00 Fee each

Florescent Tubes - Items containing Mercury such as Fluorescent bulbs, CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs) thermostats, thermometers, button cell batteries, mercury containing switches, cell phones, power tool batteries, LI-ION, NI-CD, NI-MH and PB small lead acid.  Also ballasts containing PCB’s.  (See attendant for disposal)

Electronics containing cathode ray tubes -  Computer monitors, laptop computers, a $10.00 fee each for disposal will be required.  Large console, screen or projection TVS, all TV's will be a $30.00 fee each. 

Tires – Limit 4 per week, all Tires are $ 3.00 each. On the rim accepted. We do not accept loader, tractor, skidder, forklift, solid or foam filled tires.

Waste Oil and vegetable oil (2 gallon container size limit) (5 gallon containers of waste oil will not be accepted) Mixed oil with anti-freeze or gas or water will not be accepted—may be taken to House Hold Hazard waste collection in Nashua. For a schedule of collection dates please click here or see an attendant for a copy.

Used oil filters are accepted and must be drained and dropped off to an attendant on the recycling side.

Anti-freeze – Is accepted in one gallon containers. Containers must be clearly marked or labeled anti-freeze and given to one of the attendants on the transfer side.

Automotive batteries- are accepted and  must be placed in designated area,(Lead Acid only)  see attendant for nickel cadmium, button cell or lithium batteries for  recycling.)